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Baron Theodore R. Shteynhel

In his Gorodok, in which put so much efforts and labor, Baron Theodore Shteynhel lived with few interruptions almost 60 years. Was this a smart, talented, intelligent, rich and likeable man happy in private life?
​About Baron Shteynhel as a member of a great dynasty, whose members raised the economy of Kuban, built an incredible architectural buildings in Kiev, were politicians, officers and statesmen, now we know a lo
​He was highly educated and intelligent man ,so was in a circle of the same people. He created school, hospital and museum and he was a very sociable man. As a result many intellectual people of Gorodok joined him
​Remembering the good things made Baron Shteynhel in Gorodok, we could not mention the museum
​Extremely important thing was building in Gorodok Hospital of St. Boris. Construction went on special projects and funded by Baron Shteynhel.
About Baron Shteynhel, his good deeds in Gorodok told the keeper of unique photo archive (in the period from 1902 till 1920) of Shteynhel family Irina Kulish-Lukashevich
1870 December 9 - in the family of an engineer, regular adviser Rudolf Vasilyevich Baron Shteynhel,who comes from Ostzeyski province of Germany born son Fedor (Theodore).
Who is he - Theodore R. Shteynhel? When and where appeared in our village? What was famous for what he had done how got the right for thanksgiving memory?