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Dynasty of Shteynhel was politicians, officers and statesmen ...

Dynasty of Shteynhel was politicians, officers and statesmen ...

About Baron Shteynhel as a member of a great dynasty, whose members raised the economy of Kuban, built an incredible architectural buildings in Kiev, were politicians, officers and statesmen, now we know a lot. And the columns of magazine is not enough to describe enthusiastic activity that Baron Shteynhel led. Therefore we try to limit with their concise description.

Selected in 1906 the deputy of State Duma , 36-year-old Theodore Shteynhel joined the Ukrainian fraction and came up with the idea of national-territorial autonomy of Ukraine. In early 1908 he became a member of the Society of Ukrainian progressives to which adjacent Hrushevsky, Vynnychenko Efremov, Doroshenko, Petliura l. At that time Theodore Shteynhel headed Kiev credit union, annual sales of capital which amounted to almost half a billion rubles, so for the help of such a powerful patron calling many Ukrainian politicians and writers.

With the war shteynhel came to the Committee of South-Western Front of All-Russian union of cities, whose purpose was to help the army. Heading this committee in 1915, Baron Theodore Shteynhel invited its members many Ukrainian leaders, thus making it a purely Ukrainian organization that conducted the activity with population of Galychyna and Bukovyna the occupied territories with Russian army.

Except help gave to prisoners of war and refugees, the committee organized the Ukrainian schools, opened shelters for orphans, the published literature in Ukrainian.

In roughly 1917 Theodore Shteynhel with the head plunged into politics - he was elected the chairman of the executive committee of Kyiv City Council. At that time it was actually the highest authority in the city. At the same time Shteynhel participated in the All-Ukrainian National Congress, was a member of the Presidency, was a member of Ukrainian Party of Socialists-Federalists.

In period of hetman authority Baron was an ambassador representing the interests of Ukraine in Germany.