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Fate was not so good ...

Fate was not so good ...

In his Gorodok, in which put so much efforts and labor, Baron Theodore Shteynhel lived with few interruptions almost 60 years. Was this a smart, talented, intelligent, rich and likeable man happy in private life?

Irina Lukashevich, recalling Baron and his family, said that fate was not too favorable to him. First his wife died in childbirth, and he stayed with a frst baby, Boris absolutely helpless. To help him came his cousin, cousin Vera, who replaced Boris mother. Among the impressive list of archival materials was the letter to the Czar of Russia, in which he asked permission to marry Vera Nikolaevna, according to the circumstances. The king gave permission for the marriage. Although Baron lived briefly with Baroness Vera ( died in 1910), but peasants remained the best of her. It was sensitive, good,of great soul woman. She was an advicer and the assistant. Baroness Vera died in Paris and was buried in Kiev at Askold grave in a family crypt. In 1936, "raised the" crypt eroded. It was difficult to hear this news. Third wife of Shteynhel, the former governess of his children, Alexandra Vilhelmivna had German origin, unlike the first two wives did not share his position on charity, and it was not easy with her, though he lived together until his death.

Baron had three sons, one from each of the wives - Boris, Vladimir and Theodore. Vladimir, who had in Gorodok own grange and was engaged in agriculture, died at age 34 and buried in Gorodok, and his wife Marian moved to America. The marriage was childless. Later, during the Soviet period, Mariana Shteynhel addressed transfered to one of the villagers a large sum of money on the construction of graves and monuments of Vladimir and niece ofShteynhel Olga in Gorodok. But the money was confiscated and it was big trouble from this. The eldest son Boris,according to the rumors,killed by Bolsheviks in Kiev during the revolution. Only now Irina Lukashevich managed to find his granddaughter, with whom she will have to meet. The youngest son Theodore, hiding with the parents from Stalin repressions, ran to Germany. Irina Vsevolodovna learned that somewhere near Berlin lives his daughter, Frau Alexandra. However, the information of her has not received yet. Baron's fate was like that. "Soviet authority " took his most expensive - the motherland of Vyshneva gora and Gorodok. He had to live his last days in exile. Irina Lukashevich said that in 1939 he was taken all his property including lands. So his family was forced to nest in the house of his former cook. It was 1940 Ivan Kulis (grandfather Irina Lukashevich) accidentally discovered that the Baron and his family entered to the lists of deportation.

One late evening at the house waitted the wagon drawn by horses - says Vsevolodovna Iryna. - There was Baron Theodore Shteynhel, Baroness and their son Theodre. All were dressed in peasant clothes. This masquerade was very strange, because I once visited with his grandfather in the banquet estate Baron, has seen how they dress. But I could not ask. Grandfather later told that agreed with the conductor, who helped to go through the Baron family across the border with Poland. A few days later came the message that they safely left the country. And just two days later in town arrived relevant services for them. Searching the whole village, but none was found. So the fate (and - loyal peasants) saved Baron from destruction. This was previously nobody told about. Although sometimes my grandfather said: "Iren, I believe that comes the time when you can tell the truth about salvation of Baron Shteynhel.

Information about Shteynhel and his family in Germany is very poor. The Second World War was coming. We know that they settled in Dresden. Soon, a month or two after the death of Baroness Alexandra, who died during the bombing, February 11, 1945 died 76 years old Baron. There he was buried.

His son Theodore married Russian emigrant in 1946 and they had daughter Alexandra.

And in Gorodok remaining street named Baron Shteynhel and all three his good deeds: still valid and school, functioning 110 years , and hospital, and the mill. Preserved the museum building. Unfortunately, that there was a museum, now know only signs on the facade. So far people live in houses built Baron for teachers. In the palace of Shteyngel located nunnery. Nuns care about the park, and stories and legends about his family carefully collects and records together with their pupils present director of school of Gorodok.

Still wake silence bells of St. Nicholas Church, and every year in May snow-white Vyshneva Gora covers with snow-white clouds of blossom ...