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Tea on Sundays with Baron

Tea on Sundays with Baron

He was highly educated and intelligent man ,so was in a circle of the same people. He created school, hospital and museum and he was a very sociable man. As a result many intellectual people of Gorodok joined him.

Ivan Kulish often told his grandchildren, as every Sunday after church service at the Baron's house, met at a dinner teachers, doctors, priest, house manager. The table was usually served like this borshch, buckwheat porridge, cold milk and never alcohol drinks. After lunch, all guests gathered around the samovar in the garden and discussed future plans, counsel told news.

Irina Lukashevich shows photos, which represent the intelligent people of Gorodok recorded just for tea in Baron's garden, called the park .Noble, intelligent faces. The pedagogical staff, often with doctors and students (at least Dr. Richter is present on almost all pictures) - and on other photoes, where recorded during the tours or expeditions.

School for the Baron was his favorite brainchild. He 'loved the children often visited the classroom of choir group. Very impressive was school building with observatory. Graduates of this school (officially it was two-level school), but the general knowledge and language (and studied Russian, Polish and German), received the Agronomic Science Fundamentals: basics and practical skills of agriculture, gardening. Pupils together with teachers were the participants of natural and ethnographic expeditions. Baron paid much attention to their cultural development.

Among the photographs, which, commenting on, show me Irina Lukashevich, is unique, where students of Gorodok school together with teachers photographed at the museum of Khanenko in Kiev.