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The exposition museum in Gorodok included thousand exhibits…

The exposition museum in Gorodok included thousand exhibits…

Remembering the good things made Baron Shteynhel in Gorodok, we could not mention the museum. Although for peasants museum did not have such importance as a mill, but this is one of the most important cases and patron loved with Ukraine devotee. During study in Warsaw young Baron brought a lot of books about Volyn made friends with famous in future scientist Nicholas Bilyashivs'ki. And this friendship has identified a great job.

Opening of the Museum of Agriculture in November 1896 (a year later since the museum of Khanenko opened in Kiev) was extraordinary event at that time. After all there were only two establishments on lands of Volyn, where stored local materials - Volyn storeouse at church and archaeological society and Ostrog storehouse , where stored religious things.

Both excellent organizers and Shteynhel and Bilyashivski conducted archaeological excavations, collected ancient manuscripts, early printed books, portraits of historical figures, everyday things, recorded folk songs, tales, ballads, described minerals, studied animal and plant life of Volyn province. The exposition included thousands of exhibits, which were devided to the departments of nature, geology, archeology, anthropology and ethnography. Baron Theodore Shteynhel financed not only the activity of institution, but he actively participated in scientific expeditions, which were called tours.

Reports of Gorodok Museum passed in universities in Odessa, Kyiv, Moscow, Kharkov, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, and Theodore Shteynhel acted as head of the Museum with reports and papers at various conferences and congresses. There is information that the University of Warsaw still stored unique research work of young Theodor Shteynhel.

Gorodok museum existed until 1914. At the beginning of World War I, feeling threatened, Baron decided to take exhibits in a safe place. Part of his collections were evacuated to Kyiv, another to the Caucasus in his brothers estate, where their traces lost. The library disappeared too. In 1920, the Committee meeting on libraries nationwide Ukraine academician Agatangel Crimean reported that Shteynhelya library stored in the hotel Palast. Where it disappeared from there, nobody knows until now. Now on the wall in Gorodok, where the museum was, now is just a sign, identifying its past existence and in Rivne regional museum stored some archival materials. Irina Lukashevich as relic keeps embroidered shirt that her grandmother brought from villages of Polissya. In 2006 in Rivne celebrated 110 th anniversary of museum founded by Baron Theodor Shteynhel.