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Three good deeds of baron Shteynhel

Three good deeds of baron Shteynhel

Is there now in Ukraine even a millionaire or billionaire, who would selflessly turned their fortune on the welfare of native village? Anyway paved road built school buildings for teachers, hospital, a mill and arranged to high-level scientific museum, and then kept all these agencies at their own expense, to pay the teachers salary and give rural children free education about university level , treated farmers and at its own expense, kept the hospital? The question, unfortunately, is rhetorical.

About Baron Shteynhel, his good deeds in Gorodok told the keeper of unique photo archive (in the period from 1902 till 1920) of Shteynhel family Irina Kulish-Lukashevich. her grandfather and grandmother Ivan Kulish and Nadiya Avgustinovich-Kulish (along with two sisters and brother; Avgustinovich -had noble origin) came for establishing an agricultural school in Gorodok. At the request of the Baron they were sent by Prince M. Neplyuyev from Chernigov province (countryside near Vozdvizhenskaya Yampolya-Tluhova), where agricultural schools of II levels for rural children were open-in the 80's of XIX century. Appealing of Theodore for help of organizing the school to Neplyuyev M. Prince, who dedicated his life to the education of rural children was not accidental circumstance. After all, he dreamed of organizing a high school level and very carefully and thoroughly looked for school teachers.

The legends about baron’s father wealth live till now .After his death in 1892 Theodore got full ownership in Gorodok. First he was intended to give all the land that was over 700 acres to the farmers.


But he was convinced that peasants failed to dispose the property .So he decided to realize his
father’s dream of organizing in Gorodok a model of long-term farming. It was decided to give peasants high agricultural education and only then make his dream come true. Grandfather of Iryna Kulish-Lukashevych Ivan Chomych Kulish worked on baron for 20 years. Ivan Kulish was a school principal. Both of them were peers, good friends and godfathers. Baron Shteynhel was a godfather of Ivan Kulish son Vsevolod, in future – the father of Iryna Lukashevych. So Ivan Kulish went from Gorodok to Rivne after the premature death of his wife he still was in touch with Shteynhel.

Ms. Irina saves warmest memories about Shteynhel, and about all his family. Many members of Baron's family, Mrs. Irene knows from the stories of her grandfather Ivani Kulish and from Rivne citizen Serhiy Bazurin, who once was a coach of younger son Feodor Shteynhel. This woman, a teacher by profession, with the blessing of her famous grandfather began to teach in Gorodok school and later years devoted for reserching of past. So everything she is talking about is the results of enormous work with rich archives in Rivne. So far, Irina Vsevolodovna visits Gorodok and communicates with those people who still remember Shteynhel and their environment. In Cemetery of Gorodok there is a grave of her grandmother Nadiya Avgustinovich-Kulish. Ms. Irina cares for the graves of medium son of Shteynhel Vladimir, who died at the age of 34, and granddaughter of Baron Olenka (youngest son of Fedor) that died when was a child from diphtheria. Near the tomb of the chief doctor of Gorodok hospital Theodor Richter, who was among the best friends of Baron.

In room-museum, school of Gorodok thewre is one of the exhibits has eloquently called "Three good deeds of Fedor Baron von R. Shteynhel. Irina Vsevolodovna according to villagers know that three good deeds are school, hospital and mill that were built and organized in Gorodok at expense and effort by Baron. In fact there were much more good things. Gorodok farmers were unable to comprehend, what level of person was Shteynhel the Baron, whom they met on the street every day and as mark of respect removed his hat before him, and what level of affairs he did in Ukraine and abroad.