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Wedding summary in Rivne

Wedding summary in Rivne

Among the types of regional Ukrainian wedding polisky distinguished by its originality, with some local variations of elements and transition zones. Cultural and household characteristics of Polissya region, its location on the borderland ethnic relatively better survival of traditional forms and elements of popular culture, caused great interest of researchers.

Rivne area includes historical and ethnic territory of Volhyn and Polissya, in many ways is different but like in all territory of Ukraine , has the only structure. It survived ritual baking loaf, perepiy, vyradzhannya a young bride and many wedding songs that reveal the views of people on family relations, family, question generation, and some wedding songs bring us echoes of pagan outlook where all turned to the Gods patrons of marriage, asking to give fate happy and abundance the young couple.

Village, which is presented in this paper, located to the west of city Rivne. The first mention of Gorodok belongs to 1443. The village has a great history. Here lived the famous cultural and educational activist edge ethnographer, folklorist, publicist and social activist Shteynhel R.F., ukrainian archaeologist, ethnographer, art critic Bilyashivski M., V. Moshkov. V. People remember Volodymyr Oskilko the famous chieftain of old years struggle of Ukrainian people for independence and the priest Tulchinski, who did much to develop the spiritual life and culture in Gorodok. The village is famous for its talented sincere people. One expert and appraiser and folk songs – Nina Terentiyivna Vakulich (Street - Denderyha), born in 1937 She was born in Gorodok, graduated high school and got this nickname, because no wedding was without her singing. She could not stop singing - people said. Nina Terentiyivna has in her repertoire a variety of songs and performs them masterfully.

Material filed with preservation of the vernacular. The purpose of this study is to examine traditional wedding in Gorodok, the nature of contemporary existence, revealing stable components in this village.